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Akashic Messages from Past Lives remembering a past life?

Remembering Akashic Messages from Past Lives?

Do you believe you are remembering Past Lives as part of your Spiritual Awakening?  Some signs of this can be

  • Lucid dreams of the same family or friend group, but in a different time and place, even a different dimension
  • Suddenly being drawn to a location that you visit - it feels so familiar - or equally visiting a location and hating it
  • Finding yourself interested in developing a talent or ability that has lain dormant - or you loved during childhood but let go as you grew up
  • Meeting a person who seems so familiar to you but you just can't put your finger on why
  • Meeting somebody and you suddenly have extremely strong and passionate feelings for them, even if the match or pairing seems totally out of place with your present life.

Why are we connecting with Past Lives Now?

Many of us are beginning to experience an Akashic Awakening as we do spiritual work on ourselves, clear our energies and consciously clean our bodies with good diet and energetic practices such as yoga, tai chi, Rolfing and meditation.

This gives us room to consistently raise our vibration and begin to re-member.

As we move into the Aquarian Age, our bodies, minds and spirits are ready to wake up.

Are the experiences I'm having related to Past Life recall?

The experiences you are having could be related to connecting with your Akashic energy.  Past Life recall (and validation of those experiences in some way) can help us to understand that we are all moving forward on the Circle of Life and the Wheel of Karma.

Become conscious of these processes can help us to heal, evolve and understand our deep desires and yearnings for something more.

When we transition from one life to the next, any unresolved life experiences or lessons are embedded in our Akashic Records and get carried forward to the next lifetime for resolution.

Often these experiences are related to Past Life issues as yet unresolved - whether with people, emotions or circumstances, so when we re-incarnate we bring those issues with us for another swing.

How can I use my Past Life recall for spiritual growth?

Think of this body you have now as a smartphone, and your soul or spirit as the downloaded information or apps, photos, backgrounds and all.

You have a new or upgraded smartphone this time around and probably some new apps too!  However the older apps will still get downloaded in order that the programs can be run this time around.

You can't delete them yet because they make up an aspect of your Soul and Soul Contract.

That's why -- if you believe your current issues are connected with Past Life experiences -- it's a good idea to use the Akashic Records or Past Life Regression to work through your older programs - so you can delete them this time around and create new ones!

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