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Monday, March 18, 2019

Awakening to your Akashic Records

Awakening to your Akashic Records - we are all awakening

I have become aware that there is a large (and growing) community of highly sensitive people, intuitive people, psychic people, energy workers, lightworkers, grid-workers, mediums and Akashic Records practitioners in the world, all of whom are studying and growing in similar ways to myself.

One teacher alone that I have studied with, has over 2,000 students who are working with their Akashic Records, and working with clients!  Just imagine that level of spiritual change out in the world.

Akashic Communities are growing

What if we got all the Akashic Readers on the planet together for regular summits, it would be (as you will see for yourself if you keep reading) a much more powerful energetic agent for change than the G7 summit (don’t get me started…).

I hope you too will discover the power and effectiveness of the Akashic work, as well as reconnecting with your true spiritual family and Soul Monad as you begin to awaken to your Akashic Records -- and you move into an awareness of your personal spiritual future.   

All this and more I wish for you!

Now, 8 years on from beginning my inspirational start to the Akashic Records, I feel ready to share some of my perspectives, personal truths, points of view and frames of reference to help you, the reader, awaken to your Akashic Records too. 

Awakening to your Akashic Records is easier than you think.  You have been receiving messages from your Akashic Records since day one of this lifetime.

Here are some ways this has already been happening for you

  • Going somewhere new and having a sense of deja vu, even though you haven't been there before
  • Meeting someone new and feeling a sense of familiarity, accompanied by like, even love, or even extreme dislike for no apparent reason
  • Loving a certain era of history, being fascinated by it, but you can put a finger on why exactly
  • Having a strong reaction to a location, feeling energy moving there, or even having strange thoughts about the location pop into your head
  • Having repeating dreams of what seems to be a parallel life, a different life, or a location that you revisit even if you don't recognize it.

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