Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What is my soul purpose?

What is my Soul Purpose?

When people have a higher-level type of spiritual reading, like an Akashic Records reading which involves a focus on personal growth, one of the most common questions is --

What is my Soul Purpose, (aka) why am I here?

Recently, Neale Donald Walsh (author of Conversations with God) tweeted this

If such a mission is the only true mission, spiritually speaking, how are we supposed to intuit that and achieve our soul purpose?

Message from the Akashic Guides

For this post, I thought I would pose the question to my hard-working Akashic Guides.

S: What is our Soul Purpose?

AGs: As your soul is a thread that travels through many lives, often the purposes seem like multiples.  Complete a lesson in one life, clear karma in the next, work out issues with a soul mate the next time around.

This can fool us into thinking that each life has a separate Soul Purpose.  Think of the Soul Purpose as an ever renewing rose, and the life purposes throughout each life as the petals that fall from that rose.

The petals are beautiful, part of the whole but the rose bush does not need them to survive.  It can make another rose anytime.
What the truth of the rose bush is showing us is that life is ever fragrant and can continually be renewed.  Enjoy the petals before they fall and wither.  Enjoy their scent, their life, and their vitality.

Experience what it is to be a beautiful spiritual flower in a body which can contact the Earth, experience Life Force and connect with other flowering Souls.

This, then, is the true Soul Purpose.







And make anew.

S: What about Soul Purposes that have been agreed with our Soul Group before incarnation?

AGs:  Again, think of these as the many petals of your individual flowering life.  They are there as suggestions and placeholders, much like the morphogenetic field.  It guides cells to grow a certain way and to create certain functions within each cell.

At the Soul level these suggestions are guidelines only.  Our Spirit Guides help us create a plan to work through certain scenarios in daily life.  Do we play them all?  Probably not.  But the energy of our Soul is incarnated in order to experience.

THAT is the primary mission.

The rest, well, all of that just encourages us to stop and smell the roses!
In the light xxxx
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