Thursday, October 13, 2016

When your guru collapses

Guru collapse

On the spiritual journey?  Then like me you will have met the teacher 'when the student is ready'.

I have guru-ized people on the journey.  

Let's face it, we encouraged to do so.  From rock stars to football players, actors to musicians of all kinds, we're encouraged to be fans.

So we may automatically become fans on the spiritual journey, too

Sometimes this energy is useful and helpful for us.  It gets us off our proverbial butts, excites us, gets us moving along the road to change, difference, opens us to new feelings.

Somebody else's energized aura can help us see which direction to head in next and what resonates strongly for us at the behavioral, emotional or spiritual level.

But then one of our gurus collapses

Perhaps there's a scandal.   Perhaps the work no longer resonates.  Perhaps we spent money on a program that does nothing for us and the dream starts to fizzle and look more like a wet paper bag.

There is a way out of this.  

Part of the spiritual journey is to understand that at some point we turn inwards towards our own practice.  At some point we put the puzzle pieces together of everything we have learned and connect it with our own pieces of self.

One of my energy teachers (who thank g-d never guru-ized herself) always said

"The wisdom is within".

Sometimes I could hear it, take it in and sometimes hearing it irritated the ever living doo-doo out of me.

Yet it's true.

At some point we need to turn inwards, to realize that our own voice has become louder and easier to hear because of the work we put in.  That our own bodies are informing us every minute of every day about how to move forward.

And that, as Kryon says (channeled by Lee Carroll)

"Spirit Guides are really a part of us.  At some point on the journey, we will find that the external guides will 'go away' and we will be listening to our own inner voice".

Turn inwards for the wisdom

So when you do experience the collapse of the guru on your journey, however that may come about, take a look inside, turn inward and see how what you have learned can help you.

Sometimes you can read a book, an entire series of books and there will be one useful, powerful piece of information that assists you, changes you or forces a paradigm shift and the rest is just buzz.  

That can be true of a spiritual teacher or guru too.

So remember to take what serves you and move on - the answer is within.

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