Monday, October 31, 2016

Akashic Records podcasts series - Kryons 7 Cosmic Laws

Kryon's 7 Cosmic Laws from the perspective of the Akashic Records

Today I just completed this podcast series - Kryon's 7 Cosmic Laws.

As a free resource there are 7 podcasts.  

Kryon is an energy channeled by Lee Carroll, who has written well over 30 books on his work and travels the world to share his messages of peace and unit.  Lee has channeled several times at the United Nations.

Kryon's 7 Cosmic Laws are

1.  You can never return to a less-aware state.
2.  In every Human Being there is profound divinity.  But it's not intuitive.
3.  You are Dearly Loved. 
4.  Everything that you learn spiritually in one expression carries over to the next. 
5.  You give permission of the Cosmos to rearrange things around you. 
6.  As soon as you start this search of yours, as soon as you push on the door, as soon as Spirit sees pure intent, all of your universal family knows it. 
7.  Every single one of you has an effect on the fabric of reality on this planet when you send light.

Listen to the podcasts - they are a free resource 

Sarah Lawrence Hinson
Sarah Lawrence Hinson

As a self-taught blogger and spiritual practitioner, Sarah launched her first website in 2010 and has been writing about her experiences of different energy modalities, alternative health and wellness and intuitive insights on the interwebs ever since. Since this time she has experienced an Akashic awakening and gives Readings online. She is also currently developing short courses to help people understand their own Akashic Records better and working on a book to help us all grow and learn as we begin to understand our Akashic Inheritance.

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