Friday, September 27, 2013

How an Akashic Records Reader develops a relationship with the Records, for your benefit

The Akashic Records - it's all about building a relationship with the energy of the Records

How do you know you're going to get a 'good' Akashic Records Reading?

Well, here's what I know and what I've been taught.

1.  Ideally an Akashic Records Reader will avoid alcohol consumption for 24 hours before a reading.  (It makes the edges of the energy field floppy).

2. All information shared in the Reading will be kept completely private, unless you choose to share your information with others - that's your perogative!  Take notes if you need to.  This means also that Readers will NOT read in groups - private readings only.

3. The Reader knows that if they can generate this energetic position for you - the reading is always better.

Hello, I love you, I get you...tell me your name!
If a Reader has done some of their work for this lifetime, they will be able to generate an atmosphere of acceptance during your reading and you will feel, loved, accepted and not judged.

This has nothing to do with romantic love, by the way, just to be clear!

The Reader will be able to share things with you from the Spiritual Perspective, so that you can learn new perspectives even about an old problem.

The Reader will also be concerned with continuing this practice, because it creates a better energetic relationship between the Reader and the Records...and the Readings are better as a result.

That's how I go about giving readings.  I also ask for your full legal's how we open the Book of  Life (your Akashic Records).

Just like the Doors used to say...

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Until next time.
Sarah Lawrence Hinson
Sarah Lawrence Hinson

As a self-taught blogger and spiritual practitioner, Sarah launched her first website in 2010 and has been writing about her experiences of different energy modalities, alternative health and wellness and intuitive insights on the interwebs ever since. Since this time she has experienced an Akashic awakening and gives Readings online. She is also currently developing short courses to help people understand their own Akashic Records better and working on a book to help us all grow and learn as we begin to understand our Akashic Inheritance.

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