Friday, September 20, 2013

Some Reasons to Enter your Akashic Records

Why would anybody want to work in the Akashic Record?

Here's a recent video from my Akashic Records Teacher, Linda Howe, discussing this very issue.

Transcript below. 

"The question is - why would anybody want to work in the Akashic Record?  I mean - really - what is the point?

So let me tell you what the point is.  I understand this question - over time what I have seen has been really remarkable.  What I have seen over time is that working with the Records gives people many things.

First and foremost, there's the experience of being really known and loved


That sense of not being judged, it's a sense of peace and freedom, of safety.

It's a very interesting experience because it's the sense of being very safe and held close, but also this sense of unlimited possibility, which is really a kind of a paradox, but the Record, the space of the Record, the energy of the Record, the atmosphere is very welcoming, very encouraging and very happy.

For any of us to spend a few minutes of time in an environment where we feel welcomed, and admired, and respected - from that place we can do great things.  From that place we can make great choices for ourselves.

We will make the loving choices, we will make the kind and respectful decisions that will help us to transform our lives into lives that we love.

The Akashic Record is also the place of the Spiritual Perspective


 That perspective is the perspective of wholeness, and wellness, and goodness.

So rather than seeing what's wrong with ourselves and what's wrong with everybody, we can see what's right and what's possible and what's good.

And part of the 'hypnosis' of everyday life,  is it's very easy to be ground down, to be worn down, to get trapped in negativity.

The Akashic Record takes us out of that and puts us in a place where everything is possible

(Everyday life interrupts as Linda's phone rings!). :-)

Working in the Records gives us the perspective and the clarity to make the good choices for ourselves at this point and time that will lead us to greater possibilities and from there we'll make more good choices - so that we are moving in the direction of our highest good.

In a way that is relatively easy and from a place of experiencing tremendous support."

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Until next time.

Sarah Lawrence Hinson
Sarah Lawrence Hinson

As a self-taught blogger and spiritual practitioner, Sarah launched her first website in 2010 and has been writing about her experiences of different energy modalities, alternative health and wellness and intuitive insights on the interwebs ever since. Since this time she has experienced an Akashic awakening and gives Readings online. She is also currently developing short courses to help people understand their own Akashic Records better and working on a book to help us all grow and learn as we begin to understand our Akashic Inheritance.

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