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How I connected with my Akashic Records

The Akashic Records - my first conscious connectionI didn't know anything about the Akashic Records.  I had learned about reflexology, energy work and even the Universal Calibration Lattice, or UCL® (our electromagnetic field)...but I knew nothing about the energy of the Akashic Field or Akashic Records.

Then one day I received a book from my One Spirit book club that I hadn't ordered.  I specifically declined it...but it turned up anyway!

I opened it and flicked through it...thinking..."I'll never read it!"

That book was How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey by Linda Howe.
Odd things happened when I opened this book I started to read the book...something about it drew me in.  About halfway through I began to feel energy moving all over the outside of my body.  To be honest it freaked me out!

So I put the book on my bookshelf with all the other spiritual books sitting there (I have an SBH - Spiritual Book Habi…