Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Soul Purpose and the Akashic Records

What is my Soul Purpose?

soul purpose
Many people ask me about their Soul Purpose when having an Akashic Records Readings.

It's true, the Akashic Records is a great place to learn more about our Soul Purpose and much can be learned from a reading with focused questions.

I've noticed though that sometimes clients make assumptions about their Soul Purpose.  On the Spiritual Journey I've learned that we can have one, or several Soul Purpose(s).

Our Soul Purpose may not necessarily be what we think it is, or they are...

I believe a lot of people are really asking the question

"How can I make a career or living out of my Soul Purpose, since I feel a void when my Soul Purpose is not fulfilled?"

It's true, our Soul Purpose is a powerful agent for change and pushes and pulls us in many directions on the Spiritual Journey, some clear and some not so clear.

Think about this for a moment though.

What if YOUR Soul Purpose is something very beautiful and very simple, perhaps it is

  • Being of Service
  • Making beautiful cakes that your family loves
  • Connecting two people who will change the world through the butterfly effect
  • Designing something that in 50 years time will change the world for the better
 Asking "How can I make a meaningful career that fulfills me and gives me peace?" may well be a better question to ask...and...

"How can I better live to fulfil my Soul Purpose".

Some thoughts for the Journey...

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