Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Win a half-hour Akashic Records Reading in December 2013

Akashic Records Reading Giveaway!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, hopefully it's generating some thoughts and perhaps some interest in having an Akashic Records Reading?


Every two months I give away a half-hour Akashic Records Reading

I've been giving readings for nearly two years now.  

Akashic Records Readings can help us in so many ways...from Ancestral Patterns and Past Life Work, through to questions and information about this life, the Akashic Realm is a fount of wisdom.

And it's located within your own Personal Energy!

If you're intrigued and want to learn more, here are some previous posts I've written about my experiences with the Akashic Work and how it may benefit you - from the Mom On A Spiritual Journey blog.

(I don't write about the details of a client's readings because they are completely private and personal).

Going Deeper into the Akashic Records read more >>>....

The top 5 reasons to have an Akashic Records Reading read more>>>...

Why an Akashic Records Reading honors the past and helps our future read more>>>...

Or...if you're ready to try your luck, just enter below to win a reading!

If you're interested enough to enter, here is how to do it...


Use the Rafflecopter Link below to enter the giveaway.  One person will be chosen to have their half-hour reading out of all entrants.

I'll give you the reading over Skype (I'm 'newworldenergetics') or phone in the Continental USA.

Giveaway starts 3rd December 2013 and finishes at midnight (12.00am) on 11th December 2013.

To get more points when you enter...

  • Tweet - if you have Twitter this is worth 3 points, you can Tweet once per day
  • If you 'like' the Akashic Messages page on Facebook, it's worth 5 points (can only be done once).
  • Comment on the Mom On A Spiritual Journey blog post (on this blog post, worth 4 points) (do it through the Rafflecopter screen below).
  • 'Like' Mom On A Spiritual Journey on Facebook, worth 2 points

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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