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What can I google on the Spiritual Internet? The Akashic Records or Akash...there are similarities | Akashic Messages

How the Akash or Akashic Records are similar to the internet

When I learned to access my Akashic Records and those of clients, I was taught that the Records comprise of the following energies or entities, which/whom work together as a group energy when in the Records.

These energetic entities are...

  • The Lords of the Akashic Records
  • The Masters of the Akashic Records
  • The Teachers of Your Akashic Records
  • The Loved Ones of Your Akashic Records.

How do these energies work together in the realm of the Akash?


The way my teacher Linda Howe explained this mechanism (inasmuch as anything this multidimensional and mystical can be explained!) is as follows.

The Lords of the Akashic Records - we never see their faces, they retrieve information as asked from your Akash, almost passing it over their shoulders to you.

Non-corporeal Light Beings, they are the gatekeepers of the Records and maintain the integrity of the Records, preventing corruption of data.

The Masters of the Akashic Records - the Masters of the Records are also Light Beings (never having incarnated on the Planet).

Unlike the Masters, they work with individual Souls (e.g. you!) to help guide you on your soul's journey.

The Teachers of Your Akashic Records - the Teachers are lesson specific and may be Light Beings or souls that have lived on this Planet.  Appropriate Teachers are assigned for the duration of a lesson, whether that is a short lesson within your lifespan or a lesson spanning many lifetimes.

Again, the Teachers come through as a group energy, not as individual Teachers.

The Loved Ones of Your Akashic Records - these are people you have known in this lifetime who are now deceased.

If you often think of somebody close to you who has passed, or who you feel 'watches over you', then they may be one of your Loved Ones.

Why do these energies work as a group rather than singly?

Linda says it is because they want to avoid dependence on them or focus on one entity or energy unnecessarily.  Their main concern is to pass information on to you.

How can I 'google' the Spiritual Internet?

Learning to access your own Akashic Records or having an Akashic Records Reading is one of the ways that you can receive this spiritual 'download'.

Until next time.

"It is no exaggeration to state that the computer has transformed (and is still in the process of transforming) the entire planet.

Whether it's technology, transportation, communication, education or entertainment, the computer age has revolutionized the globe...

And yet this vast complex of computer systems and collective databases cannot begin to come close to the power, the memory or the omniscient recording capacity of the Akashic Records."

Kevin J Todeschi, ARE, Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Being outside of space and time in the Akashic Records, aka The Akash

When you are in the Akashic Records - you are outside of space and time.

What does this mean?

When I work with clients, I recommend that they think of a few questions to get us started before we open their Akashic Records

One of the things I ask clients to do is to think of questions outside of space and time.

This is because your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are in a dimension outside of space and time, so if we ask questions starting with


We may get a very philosophical answer!

Such as...

"When will I meet my soul mate?"

The answer may come back

"When you reach the appropriate place on the spiritual journey"....or  "When it is appropriate to do so!"

Philosophical and correct answers - but not very helpful from our perspective!

To ask this kind of question and receive useful information from the Akashic Realm - try this.

"How can I shift my vibration so that I meet my/a soul mate sooner?"

That question will get you useful and actionable information.

The Elusive Akash

I was recently listening to an excellent channel from Lee Carroll/Kryon about the Akashic Realm.

During the reading a point was made that we should call the Akashic Records 'The Akash'.

The Akash is elusive precisely BECAUSE it is outside of space and time.

If we name it 'The Akashic Records' then it becomes something we can understand IN space and time, because we've used the word 'Records', something that had to use space and time to exist.


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Interested in an Akashic Records Reading (or 'an elusive Akash Reading'?).

Click here!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How reviewing our Past Lives through the Akashic Records can be useful and helpful to us - is it necessary believe in past lives?

During an Akashic Records Reading it's possible to access our Past Lives.

Why would we want to?  Even if we do believe in Past Lives...what is the benefit of this practice?

Sometimes Past Lives can help us release and relieve issues in this life.

One of the major proponents of this practice is a Psychiatrist and (converted) Past Life Regression Therapist called  Brian L Weiss.

His book Many Lives, Many Masters documents his story of the discovery of the past lives of a client, changing both his life and hers forever.

Brian Weiss age-regressed a client under hypnotherapy to age 2 in order to help her with childhood issues and she then spontaneously regressed to a previous life.

Over time repeated regressions healed issues for the client that modern pyscho-therapy and drugs had been unable to heal.

Brian Weiss continues to practice hypnotherapy sessions to this day, regressing clients to help them heal from emotional and physical issues, including recently - his own daughter.

How can a Past Life (if they exist) help us heal in this Life?

During my Akashic Records Training, a fellow student reviewed a past life of mine.  I was a (male) farmer living on the mid-Western plains.  (I live in Kansas now, and even as a Brit I've felt oddly 'at home' here).

In this Past Life I had a wife and several children, and my wife was unable to help on the farm due to female problems - monthly cycle.  Apparently in my Past Life with her I was very impatient and unsympathetic because I needed more help on the farm and used to leave her to struggle with her health issues and our 7 children by herself.

In this life one of my major health issues has been major, major problems with the monthly cycle.  You name it, I've experienced it.  Yet I've had all the health scans and checks - everything appears completely normal - 'exceedingly healthy' my doctor called it.

Perhaps Karma - even knowing this is helping me to heal

Since learning about this past life, I've taken it upon myself to focus on how I can heal these hurts within myself, finding a local acupuncturist with similar beliefs who is helping me release the energy around this.

Even simply learning about this Past Life has changed my 'Why me?' attitude around this problem, and I am more relaxed about it.

So, whether you believe in Past Lives or not, having a reading like this may help with a longstanding issue, whether it be physical, emotional or something else.

Until next time....

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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Akashic Records and our DNA - Akashic Messages

The Akashic Records - in your DNA? 


Once I became consciously aware of the Akashic Records I started to pay attention to other accounts of people's experiences within the Akashic Records.

One area that really resonates for me is the accounts of the Akash from Lee Carroll.

Lee Carroll and the Akashic Work

I've been following Lee Caroll's work for years (amongst other things he's written all the 'Kryon' books, plus The Indigo Children books) and then recently re-read his very esoteric offering The 12 Layers of DNA.

You may have heard of the human genome project, where our DNA was examined in order to establish how our genes create us from a physical and functional standpoint.

So far this project has been able to 'map' many human gene variations to help us understand more about DNA and its' effect on our health and well-being.

There is a percentage, around 10% of the human genes that remain 'unmapped'.  That is, science is currently unable to decode these sequences and therefore doesn't know what they 'do'.

Lee Carroll has some esoteric thoughts on that with his book 'The 12 Layers of DNA'


This book is more esoteric than it is scientific (although it is some of both!).

Lee puts forward the idea that much of our DNA is electromagnetic and multi-dimensional in nature - and that the layers of our DNA hold different functions that have as much to do with our spiritual nature as they do our physical attributes and inheritances.

The Akashic Records are held in 'Layer 8'

He gives DNA Layer Eight the meaning "Riders of the Light"/"Master Akashic Record", Wisdom and Responsibility Layer.

As an Akashic Records Reader, I definitely resonate with 'Riders of the Light'.

I am taught that the Akashic Energy or light comes in through my crown chakra, into the heart chakra and then connects with the client's heart chakra in order to facilitate a reading.  Definitely riding the light!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's the story morning glory? The Akashic Records of non-humans

Akashic Records of non-humans
What's the story Morning Glory?

Actually this picture is from my garden and it's a Rose Mallow, but that doesn't rhyme quite as well.

Did you know that non-human things have Akashic Records too?




We can read the Akashic Records of...

  • a flower
  • a tree
  • a crystal
  • your dog (with their permission)
  • your house or a house you are buying
  • a town or city
  • ...take your pick...

Why read the Akashic Records of non-human things?

It sounds odd - yet reading the Records of non-human things can make perfect sense when...

  • you're buying a house and you want to know more about it
  • you're moving to a new area, same as above
  • you'd like a deeper connection with your dog or something is bugging your dog and you'd like to know more
  • you'd love to have a deep spiritual experience with a tree or gain more knowledge about the contents of your back yard
  • you love flowers and always feel a deep connection with them...

Loved this clip from the movie Epic (enjoyed the whole movie!)

Watch for the part where the Oracle (played by Stephen Tyler) takes everyone down into the roots of the plant word and shows how the 'scrolls' down there record everything.

"Just because you haven't seen something...doesn't mean it's not there!"

It's all in the Akashic Records!

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