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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Predicting the future in the Akashic Records?

Predicting the future in the Akashic Records?

Clients will often contact me asking about how their future may turn out.

This is a tradition within readings that dates back through the centuries, when soothsayers would be asked to predict anything from the next bumper crop, a new marriage or love affair, even babies being born.

Sometimes I have received readings which were extremely accurate in predicting future events (my best one was from a Gypsy on Portsmouth pier in the UK).

No kidding, she must be gone now, since she was in her nineties at the time and I was just a 17 year old...but she predicted a huge amount very accurately.  I always wondered how she did it.

Predicting the future for clients

Often I have found that suggestions from clients' Akashic Guides are very clear when some clients come with questions.  Then again, equally as often, they are not.

I'm learning how to work with both situations...since energetically I can only read strong intentions for clients.  Therefore weaker intentions are harder to read and less likely.  Think of both as having a level of energetic resonance.

Since this is the Akashic Messages blog...I thought I'd ask my guides for a little, guidance, here....

Dear Akashic Guides...

Can we predict the future using the Akashic Records?

AGs: The future, as the song goes, is 'a many splendored thing'.  The future is really just a different version of today, with a few energetic changes.  

Tomorrow is slightly different than today, then the next and the next.

(The Reader - Sarah is thinking about the California fires -isn't somebody losing their house facing a completely different future the next day?)

AGs: Well yes, and no.  The belongings may be lost, the earthed connection to a particular place is lost, but the soul's imprint in the body is still in existence, all the connections to relationships with others is still in existence, and we can choose to build exactly the same house with the same energetic resonance as before if it is possible for us.  

The filter or bias of having to do that seems overwhelming, yet we are still on the same energetic 'journey' of existence that we chose before birth.

As to predicting the future, think of the future as if it were a grainy photograph, or a sketched out watercolor painting.  We have some structure, some basic shapes, and colors, but very little detail.

The more we move towards that 'picture' of our future, the more solid it becomes as layer after layer of intention is painted or photographed over it.  Finally, we bring it close enough that we can view it very clearly -- and manifestation is (sometimes) the result!

So we can visualize the future based on our present and our past, but we cannot predict it.  

What about big world events, sometimes psychics seem to be able to predict those?

Yes, psychics can access strong probability fields.  These in some ways are easier to intuit the larger the event.  

It's like saying - tomorrow you will buy a coffee in this location - because you did it today, and yesterday, and the day before, so there is a strong probability you will do it tomorrow, also.  That repetitive action creates a big perceptual field for a psychic or Akashic Reader to pick up.

So bigger events, or more repetitive events, are easier to 'predict'.  Think of it more like 'feeling' the future, parts of present intentions are poking out into the sea of potentials we call the future, molding it to the energy of the intention.

The best way to 'predict' your future -- is to have strong intentions and repeat them, often.  That way you will influence the field.

In the light!

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