Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Phillip Phillips Hold On - A Message from the Akashic Realm too!

Musicians often access the Akashic Realm - with or without conscious awareness

Words to Hold On by Phillip Phillips

I fall into a sacred rage to escape
The hells of the world made of puppets and fake
Death won't be too far now the seeds in my heart start to awake
So all I can do is be the man that the Lord brought me to today
Hold on to your life my love
And then you'll find what's in and out of line
Just hold on...
They say you'll find yourself one of these days
As if they know I'm lost and could never be saved
A gamble is what I'll take trading ashes for gold hoping life will give it's sake
Life is too short to stop and stare at the blank page that tells your way 
Hold on to your life my love
And then you'll find what's in and out of line
Just hold on...
Now no no no
Hold on...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A greater meaning for the Akashic awakening of human memories

Why are we becoming aware of the Akashic Records in greater numbers now?

I was very happy to see that this blog passed the 10,000 views mark yesterday!  For a small blog, where I don't write very often that is quite an achievement.

A while back when I was waiting for an Akashic Coaching Client to arrive, I asked why she and I were called together to do the work.

The Akashic Message I received was

You are both involved in work that is greater than either of you.
So this week I decided to ask my Masters, Teachers and Loves Ones about the Akashic Awakening.  If a small blog like this is getting viewed this many times...then there is more to this than meets the human eye!

Here are my questions and their answers as this Akashic message

Why are so many people becoming aware of the Akashic Records and the energy of the Akash at this point in time?

In the past just a few
Now so many
We hear your call
You are all tired and exhausted of the fight with the lower energies
Light is pouring in, first through the crown chakras and now many heart chakras
As you relearn and remember the old ways and refresh and renew them with new awareness
It is inevitable...even though the dark is very dark, the light becomes brighter
And we all benefit.

Why are so many people having lucid dreams and past life recall?

This is one of the most powerful tools in the Akashic Spiritual Engine.  When the brain is in Theta (Theta state) your human minds and spirits can shift into states of consciousness where these connections are simple and straightforward to you and for you.

The more people who meditate daily, even weekly...will achieve the Theta state more easily in sleep and become conscious of these Akashic connections.  They have always existed...but Theta waves act as a bridge during the sleep state.  Result?  Lucid dreaming.

The past life recall comes through first from humans who are sincere in the heart center about dropping their karma within relationships this time around, this lifetime.  So their sincerity and their heartfelt calls to Source bring them a chance to re(member) somebody and clear their past difficulties for good.

That is one of the reasons why we are seeing more enlightened and conscious relationships on Earth from this point forward and that so many people are anxious to find a true Soul Mate to work with this time around.

The other past life recall comes from the children...who as the prophet Kryon says (Lee Carroll) will ultimately be born with an awakened Akash, knowing all past lives and any Karmic duties even as they grow.

Crystals and Indigo Children are beginning this wave of new evolved behaviors.  Just imagine an Israeli who remembers every pogrom and every war he has survived and can view all those events with wisdom.  Just imagine a Palestinian who remembers first hand all the tribal fights and bloodshed amongst his people and is ready to clear the karma...why would he continue on in the same way?

What is this Akashic Awakening helping us remember and what is the work that is greater than us?

The essential Akashic Message is the oneness.  
We are all one...if we can begin to remember the many 'ones' that even a single soul has been in consecutive lifetimes, then there lies unity.  We are all leaning into the wind of birth in order to fulfill soul contracts and lift the vibration of the planet.
The oneness is a greater goal than any single incarnated mind can even begin to contemplate, the light of such is blinding and all-encompassing.
As Souls in incarnated bodies...when we even begin to contemplate oneness we are lifted higher.  That is the work that is greater than any of us, either side of the veil.

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