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An Akashic Message about Creative Energy

An Akashic Message about Creative Energy Patricia Evans writes in 'Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out'

The Creative Force is itself invisible and unseen, yet it has impelled the creation of music, art, poetry, literature and dance--works that resonate in the souls of millions born after.
These works ripple out into future time, changing and shaping and bringing to human experience that which had never been known before. 
Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) please comment on these beautiful words The Creative Force is a stream eternal. 
We know it is there within us all as surely as our breath, our hearts and our desire to connect with another.

The Creative Force is desire, love and truth combined in a kind of holy trinity. This is why great music, great art and great writing (as examples) give us such strong visceral reactions.

We would give (almost) anything -- and sometimes anything! -- to hear that music that book for the first time again or own that pie…

The Akashic Records and The Lattice

The Akashic Records - and The Lattice
Kryon writes 
"The Lattice represents the personal Akashic attributes of a human being, a quantum energy that surrounds him or her that can be used and pulled upon. It includes healing, a balance of life, and even mastery." 
Dear Guides, can you comment on the connection between the balancing work and the Akashic Records  Yes, yes, in your case Sarah the connection was pre-planned.   So, so you are here to activate the Akash for people.

It will happen even more quickly if clients will receive the balancing work as well as the Akashic work.

How does the Lattice represent the personal Akashic attributes of a human being exactly?  It's really the templates that store the deep Akashic information.

The fibers and loops 'run' the energy, so that once it has been activated it can be downloaded and read, if the human should choose to do so.

The energy can be activated also without being read consciously (e.g. by use of the prayer) …

The Akashic Message of Peace

Creating peace, an Akashic Attribute
We can create peace with our questions and our language (a powerful Akashic attribute).

Nonviolent communicator Marshal Rosenberg and world peace advocator explains how.

Nonviolent communication - transcript
Q: In your 40 years of mediating conflicts between warring factions around the world, what's the most important thing that you do that creates peace in between the people involved? 

Marshall: First, I never hear what they think.  See, I get called a lot of names by people who hear what I'm saying.

You've read my book, you probably can recall that I was in a refugee camp in Palestinian authority and all the crowd had to do was hear from my interpreter that I was an American and a gentleman jumps up and screams at me "Murderer!" and another gentleman shouts "Assassin!" and another one calls "Child Killer!".

Within an hour the guy that calls me a murderer invites me to a Ramadan dinner at his house  I did…