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Akashic Affirmation - I am part of all, I belong

Akashic Affirmations
I use affirmations regularly to help clear energy and unwanted thought patterns from my Personal Energy Field.

The Dawn of the Akashic Age and the Science of the Akashic Field - an integral theory of everything
I'm in the middle of reading these two books by Ervin Lazlo, and LOVED this poem he writes in the dawn of the Akashic Age.

Here's the poem below.  I believe it contains many Akashic Affirmations!
I am part of all, I belong. Come, sail with me on a quiet pond   The shores are shrouded, the surface smooth,  We are vessels on the pond - a fine wake spreads out behind us, traveling through the misty waters.  Its' subtle waves register our passage  Your wake and mine coalesce, they form a pattern that mirrors your movement as well as mine.  As other vessels, who are also us, sail the pond that is us as well, their waves intersect with both of ours.  The pond's surface comes alive with wave upon wave ripple upon ripple  They are the memory of o…