Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kryon and a Past Present Future lives message for women

Kryon 2014 Channel in Portland, Oregon

Limitless consciousness of who you can be...what it means to be a human being...

The Akashic Message

Emulation of the sweet spirit of the feminine on the planet is the secret to Peace On Earth, and you know it.

Don't limit yourself in the affirmations and the ceremonies to what you think you can be.

And know that you can be anything.

A simple message for the women.

Click the link below for the full 8 minute channeling

Sarah Lawrence Hinson
Sarah Lawrence Hinson

As a self-taught blogger and spiritual practitioner, Sarah launched her first website in 2010 and has been writing about her experiences of different energy modalities, alternative health and wellness and intuitive insights on the interwebs ever since. Since this time she has experienced an Akashic awakening and gives Readings online. She is also currently developing short courses to help people understand their own Akashic Records better and working on a book to help us all grow and learn as we begin to understand our Akashic Inheritance.

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