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Friday, April 6, 2018

A new way to look at DNA from the spiritual perspective

spiritual dna

Physical and Spiritual DNA - what are the differences?

For a while now I have been meditating on this question.

What is the difference between our physical DNA and its' expression, and the DNA from Past Lives that may influence our present through our Akashic Records?

Here is what I have learned so far.

Physical DNA

When we are incarnated into bodies, we respond to the expression of our genes, inherited from our physical ancestors.

Through something called DNA tagging, it has been established through scientific research that we may have DNA memories active from up to 14 generations of ancestors.  (Source, Dirty Genes Summit, Dr Ben Lynch).

How this manifests depends upon the individual.  At a very simple level, scientists notice that through studies of a rabbit warren, younger generations of rabbits remembered the location of a snare and avoided a particular run for 5 years, even though the snare had been removed.

Watership Down in action!

Perhaps you are wondering what memories are active for you from your ancestors?  Sometimes these can manifest as memories, talents, gifts or abilities.  For example, I seem to be a very adept knitter, without really having to teach myself much.  My mother loved to knit, too.

Knowing our gene expression and learning more about our mutated genes can also be very helpful for health.

Recently I discovered through genetic testing that I have a 50% chance of developing celiac's disease through my specific gene expression (allergy to gluten and all its' derivatives).  I can confirm this since during the last few years I have been unable to tolerate gluten well in my diet.

Spiritual DNA

Think of our DNA from Past Lives as an electromagnetic field we have access to, an energetic summary of all of our learnings, traits, genetic expressions, and abilities.

So through spiritual techniques such as the Akashic Records work, we can learn about our past experiences through a direct energetic connection with our DNA.  This (my Akashic Guides are popping to say) is one reason why an Akashic Records Reading can be such a powerful experience and resource.

It can often feel to clients as if they are reliving a life, circumstance or experience, either through Past Life memories or during this life when they get stuck in what I call the Akashic Spin Cycle.

A  karmic repetition of events that seems to just cycle around and around, never getting clean of the suds!

Cleaning up genetic expression at the physical level

To do this, through the science of epigenetics, we can get tested and then see a functional MD (Naturopath) who may help us with diet and specific supplements to rebalance dirty gene expression.  This is a journey I am just beginning myself.

Cleaning up genetic expression at the spiritual level?

This, in my experience, is where working with our Akashic Records can be so useful.  Becoming aware of our Akashic History (for example with a Soul Star Reading) can enable us to do Soul-Level housework, clearing out old patterns and connections that no longer serve us, so that we can move on and create new and fresh experiences based on the wisdom of the past, rather than being mired and enmeshed in the past, creating it over and over from a position of unawareness.

This is evolution, in my experience.

The Stargate

Do you like the picture of my Stargate?  It has been designed from a number of different forms of sacred geometry by a man called Prageet Harris.

I have started used my personal Stargate during energy sessions and readings (even took it with me secretly to the dentist the other day!).

The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway to help us magnify energies.  I have started to use it during Akashic Readings and clients are experiencing interesting results.

Feel free to contact me if you feel drawn and would like a Stargate Akashic Reading!

In the light


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