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Friday, April 13, 2018

My top 5 ways to get started with your Akashic Records Work

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Are you interested in learning more about the Akashic Records, but don't know where to start?

As someone who has been on the spiritual journey for a while, I know how overwhelming it can be to start the journey and decide on a direction.

Perhaps you started the journey because you lost a loved one, left a relationship or just have a sense that there is more to life than your present experience.

I can check all of the above, and more, and I spent years ignoring or stuffing energetic signals, sensory information and intuitive hits that I felt really uncomfortable about -- since no-one else appeared to be having them!

Truth is, many of us are on the awakening path now and connecting with the spiritual phenomenon that is the Akashic Records is a really great place to start.

I know this because I wandered along many other paths before getting to this point, and the Akashic work has been the most rewarding spiritual work of all for me, and the way to get all my niggling questions answered.

My top 5 ways to get started with your Akashic Records Work

1.  Find a good book about the Akashic Records Work.  There are many out there, I recommend How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey, and Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything.

The first is a more esoteric approach and starts you on the road to personal spiritual practice within the Akashic Records, the second is more science-based but also is great for setting the big picture, so one or the other should appeal to most readers.

2. Get a good Akashic Records Reading.  I have a lot of people who ask me 'What exactly ARE the Akashic Records?'.  Of course, you may say I am a Reader myself, so I would say that.  Yet it's also my experience that the best way to know a thing fully is to embody it, to do it. 

So if you are really ready, then a good Akashic Records Reading will give you a mind body and spirit 'feel' for what is out there. 

A good reading should be relevant, have an energetic feel to it, and answer at least one question that has been bugging you for a while. 

Here's a link to my secure client portal if any of this resonates for you and you would like a reading>>

3.  Consider the direction you wish to head in for your particular spiritual journey. What is happening for you, and why?

Are you having an opening to energy, such as chakra work, a sense of spirit or other energies around you?

Or -- perhaps you have a health challenge, life situation or circumstance that is keeping you stuck and feeling like you lack progress.

Or even -- that you are having spontaneous openings to unusual experiences, and want to know more. 

Any of these three situations are really good reasons to start your Akashic work and begin to move forward.

Many people have these experiences but don't understand how to put them in the context of their personal journey. 

So, in context, having an opening to energy could mean it is time to start learning an energy work modality or share your insights with other family members or friends for a healing experience.

Perhaps you are experiencing a health challenge to find out big answers for yourself or others.  You could be the next person to help change your life and someone else's for the better!

It's even possible that you are having unusual experiences because you are ready to become a practitioner in a new field or build a new community to help us evolve.   In my experience to date, these questions can be answered more clearly by learning to understand yourself through the framework of your Akashic Records.

4.  Start keeping a journal and write down what you know to be true for you as a result of spiritual study. Take classes too if you can.

They don't call it a journey for nothing!! 

I've attended many classes and workshops over the last 20 years, and for me, working in the Akashic Records has been, and continues to be, an opportunity to join the dots and answer all my 'why' questions.

So work on an area of personal development that is coming up for you.  I started by learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming(TM) and Accelerated Learning Theory. 

Initially, I thought this was because I would be using these skills for work, which I did. 

Yet also the work I did then has contributed to my spiritual path, encouraging me to think more deeply about the language I use and the approaches I take in daily life.  Now I use both skill sets to help clients grow when I give Akashic Records Readings.

Perhaps you'll enjoy this quiz I created for my clients.  It gives you an idea of your current vibrational awareness, and the results give advice for what actions to take in each case.  Is your awareness expanded to 4D, 5D or 6D yet?  Try the quiz below, and find out.  (No personal data required).

How expanded is your consciousness? >>

5. Join groups of like-mind people, and encourage each other to grow on the path.  Soon, questions will begin to be answered and your clarity will expand.

It's been my experience on the journey that we are drawn to teach what we most need to learn.

For example, I was drawn to learn energy work because I am so energetically sensitive and was always taking on other's energy and not setting good boundaries.

Life Coaches will tell you that whenever they have an issue or circumstance come up, they will be presented with new clients who are experiencing the exact same issue or circumstance.  In coaching, they call it the 'mirror' effect and it's a known phenomenon.

So consider that what you are drawn to learn is what YOU most need to know. 

If you are interested in becoming a spiritual teacher, reader, author, or community builder, make sure to study your 'stuff' first and really explore it, whether you are doing this through intention or the power of life circumstances pushing you in a particular direction.

If you are on Facebook, I have a small spiritual study group called Spiritual Moments which is beginning to grow.  This month, we will be studying the nature of the Higher Self.

Feel free to join Spiritual Moments on Facebook>>

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