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Friday, November 17, 2017

Reading the future in the Akashic Records - future posts, part II

Have you ever tried to predict the future, or had it done for you, and it’s been accurate?

If yes, then I’m sure it’s also true that you’ve had experiences of the same that have been totally inaccurate!
So is it possible to predict the future?
After many years of spiritual study, I would say – in some cases yes, in others, no.
Doesn’t that sound like what I said at the beginning?
Yes, you are correct. This is not intended to confuse you, but to give you an energetic sense of the changing nature of the future.
But here is what I have learned from embodying the energy of the future and how it can help us in the now.

What is true of the future energetically?

1. It doesn’t exist (yet)
2. We can create it
3. Others can influence it through free will
4. We are bound energetically by our present and past life energy unless we choose to release or clear blocks and restrictions
5. What we intend for our future steers us in that direction, consciously and unconsciously
6. We can change course and chart a new direction at any time
7. We can work with our Personal Energy to manifest our intended future.

Since this is the Akashic Messages blog...I thought I would ask my Akashic guides to comment on the nature of the future from the Akashic perspective.

Sarah: What is true of the future energetically?

AGs: We can hold a picture of the future in our minds and intend it, within reason.  

We are incarnated in a 3D human body, so generating the future there causes us restrictions which would not be present outside of the body - yet, that is the journey and the lesson both!

Find a way first of all to see the future as non-threatening.  Whether it is just a beautiful place that you travel in your mind's eye, or a feeling you have, start there.  

Paint a picture of yourself in this location and then ask yourself - what is different about there, from here?

Make a list, and act on it.  Inner Wisdom can be your guide.

Sarah:  How does free will affect our intended futures?

Think of the past and present as solid ground, energetically speaking.  The future is a matrix or lattice of webbing, imagine lasers in a smoky room.  

Do we step this way or that?  When we do, certain energies will be triggered.  

We have the choice to react to them, move away from them or stay neutral and observe.  

Whichever we choose, that is free will in action both by us and by people, circumstances or situations which make up the lattice.

Sarah:  Can we predict the future?

AGs: Yes, and no.  Gather actions, choices, potentials and probabilities and make a bridge.  

Keep heading in that direction and you are predicting your own future by your own actions.

Sarah:  What about people who have very accurate premonitions, (good or bad)?

AGs: Premonitions are guided future visions.  

Guides of all sort present them as pictures, feelings or thoughts for available awareness.  

If you are energetically aware enough, you will notice them.  

Some are time pods that we can walk into through group consciousness in 4D (4th-dimensional reality, realm of thoughts and ideas).  

Highly probable group or individual events contain many gathered or 'knotted' thought forms.

Sometimes a predictive force will intervene, such as an Angel or guide and create an event for people to 'choose'.

Sarah: How best to work with our Akashic Records in achieving our desired future?

AGs: Energy is the key.  There's a song about the future, too...

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?
Do you get what you're hoping for?
When you look behind you there's no open doors
What are you hoping for?
Do you know?
(Theme from Mahogany)

Liking where we are headed is half the battle.  Feeling we are in a friendly universe (we said nothing about friendly or unfriendly humans!) is another plus.  

If we don't like where we are headed, start to course correct.

And you can always ask your Records if you have done this before, in other life, or something similar, and what can be learned from that lesson while we create a new one!"

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