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Getting dressed in the Akashic Records

What does getting dressed or wearing clothes have to do with the Akashic Records?
Well there are more energetic connections than you may think!

Enjoy the above video showing the complex process for a lady of substance to dress in Europe in the 18th century.

Many clients have a fascination with certain periods of history, and us humans today still continue to use modes of dress to communicate non-verbally.

social status from King or Queen right down to slavepowersexual availabilityculture of originage in life (teenage dress, for example).
As William Shakespeare once wrote in Hamlet
Clothes maketh the man
Or as we would say in modern times, the woman too!
Daily dressing results in strong energetic imprints in 5D reality
Since we dress daily, our dress habits have been recorded over and over in the fifth dimensional reality where the Akashic Records energetically reside.

When we connect with our Records, our memories, likes and dislikes of modes of dress inevitably pop up.
Often, our exp…