Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Akashic Messages - Make-up or no make-up?

Make-up or no make-up?

 Putting on full make-up one day on a weekend, I took my girls to the mall and the youngest (12) noticed and said “Mom, are you wearing mascara, you look so pretty!” She had never said that before. So it starts young.

Make-up as a survival tactic

The energy of beautification has been with women a long, long time. In order to survive, we were taught to parade our bodies and faces, decorating them in order to be noticed and kept.

Queen Elizabeth, the ruler of England, whitened her face to cover smallpox scars — the lead in the white paint ultimately made her very sick.

When make-up is fun, and when it's not

Wearing make-up is fun. Wearing jewelry is fun. If it stays in the realm of fun and self-expression, then we are helping ourselves as women.

If it becomes a necessary part of our persona for acceptance in society (the new ‘survival’) then it’s not about fun any more.

Decorating our faces (and bodies) was an idea that was good at the time (an Akashic principle). It can still be a good idea (hiding scars or birth marks for example so the person doesn’t have to endure the stares or ridicule of those less aware of themselves).

What could be a better idea than traditional make-up? 

Decorating our faces and bodies to enhance who we are at the soul level. How do we do that? Don’t know yet…it’s a new idea…one that I believe many women are ready to embrace.

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