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Unique and yet the same - an Akashic Message from a Snowflake

Akashic Message about Unity and The One - Snowflakes I have a card deck app that I love from a lady called Debbie A. Anderson...the deck is called the Vibrational Energy Oracle Card Deck.
I gave myself an 11 card reading the other day and the card 'SnowFlakes' came up in the 'Mind' part of the reading.

The words from this card are themselves an Akashic Message
If you have ever seen a snowflake under a microscope you will see that they are all differently unique.  
No two are alike.  
Yet in a collective, snowflakes to the human eye, all look the same.  
It's about perception and insight.  It is time for you to accept that you are extraordinary, different.
Remember, each vibration however unique is in its own harmony on the Earth.
About this card: This card depicts how you feel about the situation.  How your mind can either assist, or not, with the vibrational energy that surrounds you.

 My Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones Say...
Let this be the Message.  We are all…