Monday, November 4, 2013

How learning about the Akashic Records can give us peace as a Spiritual Practice

Why Reading the Akashic Records is a powerful Spiritual Practice

When I first had the opportunity to exchange readings with another Akashic Records Reader, I was given a number of questions to ask my Akashic Records.

The right questions, or very focused questions are so powerful within the Akashic Work.

One was... 'How is accessing the Akashic Records beneficial for me?'

The suprising answer came back...

How is it not?  You have a permanent understanding, permanent understandings of the nature of the Records.
That answer in itself was jaw-dropping at the time.  As I have progressed in my Akashic Records practice I'm beginning to understand the deep truth behind that answer for me.

Other answers were...

  • To divine the depths of your thoughts.
  • To write out difficulties
  • For guidance
  • To experience Spiritual Love
  • To confirm or deepen intuitive hits that are bugging you.
  • To better understand the nature of infinity and to fully appreciate the Akashic Realm
  • To help you balance your energy.

What do you think your answers might be?

The Akashic Records work is a wonderful Spiritual Practice and the answers I receive continue to give me greater peace.

What do you think your answers may be?

Until next time.

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Sarah Lawrence Hinson
Sarah Lawrence Hinson

As a self-taught blogger and spiritual practitioner, Sarah launched her first website in 2010 and has been writing about her experiences of different energy modalities, alternative health and wellness and intuitive insights on the interwebs ever since. Since this time she has experienced an Akashic awakening and gives Readings online. She is also currently developing short courses to help people understand their own Akashic Records better and working on a book to help us all grow and learn as we begin to understand our Akashic Inheritance.

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